sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

Otaviano Costa - Olívia

Otaviano Costa compõe e grava música para a filha.

If i could give you a name
I'd call you of my love
If i could give a world
I'd give the one i know
If i could take you anywhere
I'd take you to my soul

If i could sing you a song
I'd sing a rock'n roll
If i could tell a story
I'd tell a lovely one
When you smile to me
I get lost
Get lost
Get lost


If i could stay awake
I'd stay all night long
If i could see your dreams
I'd see how far you gone
When you sleep in my hands
I think you know
This is your home

If i could understand
What means when you cry
My heart beats so deep
I'll keep you safe and fine
If i could do anything for you
I'd give you all my life


Beyond the things you know
You'll find the good and the bad
One day you'll leave my hand
Don't worry cause
I'll always be there

Be anything you want
Do the things you care
I know that you'll be strong
Soon you be grown
And you will call me dad


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